Thursday, December 8, 2011

Memory Box

Here is a personalized memory box that I had the opportunity to share over at The Artsy Girl Connection!

You will need a 6"x6" wooden box. You could find it at your nearest craft center 

Some decoupage, black paint, a brush and a foam brush
Apply about two coats of black paint to the box using the brush  

Select 5 of your favorite photos. Good photos make a huge difference on the outcome of the box  

Transform the photos to Black-n-white using your photo software. I used Photoshop. Add words or phrases to your photos and adjust the image size to about 6"x6" 

Print them out on a laser printer. If you only have an inkjet, try printing them out and allow about a day to dry before using decoupage. This sometimes works
Decoupage the photos onto the box using the foam brush (this helps not to scratch the photos)

 The photos on the sides need to be cut to allow the box to open. 

Once you are done placing all the photos, apply a coat of decoupage to give the box a nice finish and let it dry over night

Here are some boxes I made of my family 

The large box (6"x6") has a photo of all of us, on top, and photos of my husband and me 

The medium box (4.5"x 4.5")has photos of my kids as they are now 

The small box (3"x3") has photos of them when they were little

You could store the boxes inside each other or stack them and use them for storing supplies 

Make as many as you like and give them out to your family and friends! I'm sure they will appreciate something with a personal touch!

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial!

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