Thursday, February 26, 2015

Art Journaling Tip-Splash Ink

So the other day i went to Hobby Lobby and found this item called Splash Ink. It comes with the four basic colors: Magenta, Yellow, Blue and Black. It says you can mix over 100 colors and includes a color guide for mixing.

I had never seen it before and thought I could give it a try.  I was excited at the idea of being able to mix and get all these wonderful colors that it showed on the guide.  I was pleasantly surprised at how close the color came to what the guide showed. I mixed my colors and placed them inside some mister bottles and sprayed my art journal.  I absolutely loved the colors! 

Here is a sample of what the colors look like! Definitely something worth playing with!:)


  1. Bonjour et il possible d'avoir une photo du nuancier de 100 couleurs.


  2. Here is a link where Karen Elaine Thomas talks more about the color mixing process and the chart: